New Changes to Florida Alimony Laws

Good news for divorced breadwinners – the State of Florida will have soon changed its laws regarding alimony payments, bringing permanent alimony one step closer to being a thing of the past. Referring to an earlier era when Mom stayed home and Dad went off to bring home the bacon, State Senator Kelli Stargel, sponsor of the bill, remarked after the recent Senate vote, “It’s just a different world. We need to rethink alimony with a changing of the times.” SB 718 brings several key changes to Florida alimony law. Among them: The bill codifies into law the presumption that … Continue reading

What You Should Know about Child Custody

Whenever a family law issue arises, it’s important to choose an attorney who understands Florida’s new terminology with regard to child custody and visitation. In the 2008 Parenting Bill, the Florida state legislature determined that terms like child custody, visitation, and custodial parent were no longer sufficient to describe parental rights in the aftermath of a divorce or separation. Although the 2008 Parenting Bill aimed to create a subtle shift in the emphasis of the law, reminding parents that “it takes a village to raise a child,” it has real and tangible consequences for attorneys and, possibly, your own case. … Continue reading

Find me on Avvo now – 7.5 Rating

As well all know there are many websites out there where someone can find legal counsel. Some of them are good resources and others are not so good. Various websites such as Lawyers.com, Martindale.com and others provide listings and information that may or may not be provided by actual consumers or clients of said firm. I pride myself on being a part of ONLY the very best websites that show top quality attorney’s and providing the best reviews and information online. That’s why I’m proud to share with you my Avvo profile. Check out my profile now and learn more … Continue reading

Does Florida Need New License Plates?

If Rick Scott gets his way, you soon could be attaching a new license plate to the back of your car. The current embossed plates with the iconic orange and either your county or “Sunshine State” printed below could be replaced. The new plates will be flat, have a new font, and will be emblazoned with either “Sunshine State” or the state motto “In God We Trust.”   Scott and his advisers say that every year, the state misses out on $7 million in revenue because toll booth and red light camer as are sometimes unable to read the current … Continue reading

What to do when your child gets a DUI?

If your child is facing DUI charges it is normal to feel angry, embarrassed and scared for their future.  A DUI conviction can negatively impact a person for many years, especially financially.  Not only can insurance premiums cost much more, but a criminal conviction can stop someone from getting a job, prevent admission to certain schools, and fail the criteria for earning a professional license. A DUI charge is not just a traffic violation. It is a crime. As a parent you will want to support and assist your child the best way you can. If your child calls you … Continue reading

Deputies Force DUI Tests without Proper Training

Just like doctors and teachers, police officers are human and capable of making mistakes just like anyone else. Like many jobs that require training, officers receive training in the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Eye Test and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is one of the three tests used to determine sobriety. This test involves an officer moving a stimulus, often a finger, back and forth in front of the drivers’ eyes, to see if the drivers’ eyes jerk when following the stimulus. There are, of course, things other than alcohol and nervous system depressants which can cause … Continue reading

Child Support Obligations: What to do if you lose your job.

In the current atmosphere of economic instability, the possibility of job loss is very real for many people, and a factor that can be largely out of your control. We all do the very best we can to ensure that our children have adequate financial support. However, if we lose our income, or if it is reduced by taking a lower paying job, we often become unable to afford the same child support levels we previously committed to. In the unfortunate event that you are fired or laid off from your job, it is important to take steps to adjust … Continue reading

Could In-Car Breathalyzers for First Time DUI Offenders Come to Florida?

If anti-drunk driving advocates prevail, DUI convictions could get a lot more expensive and inconvenient for even first time offenders. Under current Florida law, repeat DUI offenders and those with blood alcohol levels of .15 or above are required to put breathalyzer devices in their cars. Florida is among 47 states that currently have in-car breathalyzer requirements. Eight states currently require the devices for first time offenders. Earlier this year, lawmakers proposed the Matthew William Beard and Grace Redgate Act, which would require that all convicted DUI offenders install the devices. As reported by WFTV: A mother from Seminole County … Continue reading

Florida Child Support Laws and You

The welfare of your children is one of the most important concerns in a divorce agreement. Establishing an equitable arrangement with your former spouse that provides adequate support for the kids without an undue hardship on either parent is essential. The state of Florida has a number of laws in place that govern child support agreements. The state of Florida determines child support amounts using a formula that involves both parents’ income and the number of children. Allowances to pay for health insurance can be included, as well. The amount of child support can be adjusted, if need be. Judges … Continue reading

Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct

No American holiday is more closely associated with drinking celebrations than St. Patrick’s Day. People take part in festivities at pubs, private homes and street parties all over the country. However, if things get out of hand, that celebration can come at a cost. According to Florida state law, it is a second degree misdemeanor to be intoxicated in public and create a public disturbance. The maximum penalty for public intoxication – also known as disorderly intoxication – is 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. Judges have leeway in sentencing, and can permit a defendant to go through … Continue reading

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