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Florida Child Support Laws and You

The welfare of your children is one of the most important concerns in a divorce agreement. Establishing an equitable arrangement with your former spouse that provides adequate support for the kids without an undue hardship on either parent is essential. The state of Florida has a number of laws in place that govern child support agreements. The state of Florida determines child support amounts using a formula that involves both parents’ income and the number of children. Allowances to pay for health insurance can be included, as well. The amount of child support can be adjusted, if need be. Judges … Continue reading

Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct

No American holiday is more closely associated with drinking celebrations than St. Patrick’s Day. People take part in festivities at pubs, private homes and street parties all over the country. However, if things get out of hand, that celebration can come at a cost. According to Florida state law, it is a second degree misdemeanor to be intoxicated in public and create a public disturbance. The maximum penalty for public intoxication – also known as disorderly intoxication – is 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. Judges have leeway in sentencing, and can permit a defendant to go through … Continue reading