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New Changes to Florida Alimony Laws

Good news for divorced breadwinners – the State of Florida will have soon changed its laws regarding alimony payments, bringing permanent alimony one step closer to being a thing of the past. Referring to an earlier era when Mom stayed home and Dad went off to bring home the bacon, State Senator Kelli Stargel, sponsor of the bill, remarked after the recent Senate vote, “It’s just a different world. We need to rethink alimony with a changing of the times.” SB 718 brings several key changes to Florida alimony law. Among them: The bill codifies into law the presumption that … Continue reading

Does Florida Need New License Plates?

If Rick Scott gets his way, you soon could be attaching a new license plate to the back of your car. The current embossed plates with the iconic orange and either your county or “Sunshine State” printed below could be replaced. The new plates will be flat, have a new font, and will be emblazoned with either “Sunshine State” or the state motto “In God We Trust.”   Scott and his advisers say that every year, the state misses out on $7 million in revenue because toll booth and red light camer as are sometimes unable to read the current … Continue reading

Deputies Force DUI Tests without Proper Training

Just like doctors and teachers, police officers are human and capable of making mistakes just like anyone else. Like many jobs that require training, officers receive training in the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Eye Test and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is one of the three tests used to determine sobriety. This test involves an officer moving a stimulus, often a finger, back and forth in front of the drivers’ eyes, to see if the drivers’ eyes jerk when following the stimulus. There are, of course, things other than alcohol and nervous system depressants which can cause … Continue reading

What Is a Family Law Attorney?

Law is a highly specialized field. Because law is such a complex subject, it is imperative to have a lawyer who is intimately familiar with the area of law that you need. Family law attorneys are specialists in legal matters that involve family members such as husbands, wives, children, parents and siblings. With rising divorce rates and many families foregoing marriage altogether, legal family relationships are becoming more complex. Family law attorneys have the training and experience to help you navigate the legally complex and often emotionally difficult legal situations that can arise between family members. Some of the most … Continue reading

5 Ways to Keep Your Divorce Civil and Amicable

Valentine’s Day can be one of the toughest days of the year for those going through a divorce. However, it can also be a day to focus on ways to make the end of your relationship easier for you and your soon-to-be ex. A divorce does not have to be a bitter, combative affair. Consider these tips to try to keep things more peaceful: Focus on what is fair instead of trying to punish your former partner. Punative actions, in the end, wind up making the divorce process more acrimonious. Leave the kids out of it. While you should, of … Continue reading

What to expect from a divorce attorney?

A divorce can be a stressful and sometimes lengthy process that can take an incredibly high toll, both financially and emotionally. Having an attorney that is familiar and experienced with situations like yours can help you resolve your situation as quickly, painlessly and fairly as possible. Choose a lawyer who is certified by the Family Law Section of the Florida State Bar. An attorney who has experience handling cases similar to yours is essential. These attorneys  have experience evaluating and resolving conflicts within the family, and will be able to tell you, based on past cases, what sort of outcome … Continue reading

What Not To Do When Being Stopped For DUI

  So you get pulled over and you’ve had a few drinks and you’re wondering to do next. Well after reading this article out of Oklahoma City here’s a few tips on what not to do. An attorney was at a Whataburger back in 2008 when he struck another vehicle in the drive thru lane at 1:40 am. Shortly after the police arrived the attorney then flipped out and spit in the officers face and pulled out a fake badge claiming to be a fellow deputy. That is a big no no and not only are you going to be … Continue reading

Low Horsepower plus High BAC equals a Short Police Chase

Every citizen of Clearwater is probably familiar with the DUI Scooter that has been on the news and advertised all around town. Its a fair alternative for the transportation needs of anyone with a DUI, DWI, or a suspended license, as long as you still play by the rules. Just because you’re back on 2 wheels does not give you the “OK” to drive intoxicated. It also does not give you the right to lead the police on a low-speed chase back to your house like a resident in Bridgewater, PA apparently did a few weeks ago. The old saying … Continue reading

DUI Flashlight

In the latest attempt to curve Drunk Drivers, hightech flashlights that are able to scan your eyes and then give back a reading of your blood alcohol level have been introduced. These special flashlights, also known as “passive alcohol sensors” look like normal flashlights. But when this bad boy is placed within 5-10 inches of someones eyes and mouth it can give out a reading and let the officer know whether or not you have been drinking lightly, moderately, or heavily. The readings however from the flashlight are not incredibly precise and are not to be used for an exact arrest, only … Continue reading

What to do when pulled over for DUI in Hillsborough County

This section applies to many DUI situations in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida. It is not a substitute for individualized legal advice. Your situation may be different. If you were drinking and driving in Hillsborough County (Tampa, Florida) and subsequently stopped by a police officer, you are immediately suspected of DUI or driving under the influence even if you’re not intoxicated. First and foremost, you need to remain calm. As difficult as this can be, it’s important. Staying calm will help you be more aware of what you need to do. You must act courteous and polite. Refer to the Hillsborough … Continue reading

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