3 Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a holistic approach to separation management. This pre-trial option offers neutral dispute resolution that results in a fair, mediated agreement that benefits both parties.

Want to learn more about permitting a painless divorce? Read on for three benefits of divorce mediation.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

  1. Divorce Mediation Facilitates Better Communication

  2. It’s no surprise that lack of communication is often cited as the number one reason for divorce. Additional studies might show that miscommunication is the leading factor in messy divorces, as well.

    The truth: better communication results in more favorable divorce terms for both parties.

    Since many couples struggle with problem resolution in marriage, it makes sense that certain issues are typically magnified in divorce. Disputes over division of assets or alimony are often played like game of telephone between lawyers resulting in high-stress expressions in the form of drawn out agreements. Divorce mediators can clear the static and present tangible, mutually beneficial solutions.

  3. Divorce Mediation Keeps it Together for the Kids

  4. When it comes to fighting for parental rights, a child custody attorney can assist in reaching an agreeable settlement. Unmediated custody cases, however, can sometimes go to trial – putting children at the center of a bitter battle.

    Divorce mediation can support parties in creating a Shared Parenting Plan that sets clear arrangements regarding visitation, child support, future education costs, and more.

    A mediated plan lets both parties work together in an effort to agree on child care and support without an unfavorable court judgment. Know that the 2008 Parenting Bill puts emphasis on shared custody. The Florida court system will strongly advocate dual-parent responsibility.

  5. Divorce Mediation Expedites Resolutions

  6. Reaching a Marital Settlement Agreement allows former couples to bypass lengthy courtroom proceedings. Inevitably, this permits both parties to save time and money. For many, this means returning to a normal routine free from anxieties over finances or child custody arrangements.

    Divorce mediation gives control back to the former couple. Unless there is a court-appointed timetable, the mediation process will generally go as fast as the disputing parties allow. Therefore, often, an agreement is reached sooner rather than later.

Understanding Divorce Mediation

couple in mediation discussing divorce

Every divorce is different.  Whether you seek divorce mediation services or require court-ordered intervention, a divorce attorney can provide essential settlement options in a safe environment that promotes open communication.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, a law that makes Florida mediated divorce ideal for most divorcees since there is little room for blame in court. Meaning: either party may be entitled to certain settlements under the original marriage contract regardless of the reason for dissociation.

In many divorces, emotions are like oil wells that choke the waters of resolution. A neutral party will help navigate the sluggish seas of “separation,” steering your divorce and life back on track.

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