7 Things That Will Get You Arrested While on Spring Break in Florida

Spring Break is a hugely popular time of year for fun in the sun. Tons of high school and college students descend upon Florida beaches every year. Spring Break is something to look forward to and experience — if you stay out of trouble.

The problem is — a lot of people don’t. They make bad decisions that end up getting them arrested. Being informed is the smart way to head into that famous week of the year. With the right information, you can have a good time all week long, avoid those cold, metal handcuffs around your wrists, and not have to call a criminal defense attorney


Top Reasons You’ll Get Arrested During Spring Break in Florida

1. Being in Possession of Alcohol When You’re Under 21

underage drinking spring break florida

Everyone knows the legal drinking age is 21. If you get caught with alcohol and you’re underage, the police will arrest you in a hot second. Be smart and leave the drinking to the older folks. There is still plenty to see and do when you’re in a Florida beach town on spring break. 


2. Getting Drunk and Causing Trouble

drunk and disorderly spring break florida arrested
You’ve heard of disorderly intoxication, right? Here’s the Florida statute: 

No person in the state shall be intoxicated and endanger the safety of another person or property, and no person in the state shall be intoxicated or drink any alcoholic beverage in a public place or in or upon any public conveyance and cause a public disturbance. – Florida State Statute 856.011: Disorderly intoxication.

Be a good friend and look out for one another. If you see someone trying to cause trouble, try to deescalate the situation and grab some eggs and coffee or burgers and soda. It will be much better in the morning —as long as you don’t get locked up. Keep calm and carry on.


3. Drinking and Driving

drinking and driving spring break florida

Combining drinking and driving is always a bad idea. On spring break, it’s really dangerous too because of the thousands and thousands of people everywhere. Don’t want to hurt anybody or get a DUI? Don’t drink and drive. Don’t speed or break other rules of the road, or you could get expensive traffic tickets. Your best bet to be safe is to walk. Plus, with all the traffic, it will take a long time to get where you’re going.


4. Smoking Pot

arrested for smoking pot on spring break in florida

It should go without saying that marijuana is illegal in the state of Florida. The police are keeping an eye (and a nose) out for anyone who’s smoking it, and do not hesitate to write marijuana citations. If you don’t want to have to call a criminal defense attorney, don’t bring it to the beach with you or decide to smoke anyone else’s. 


5. Possessing Alcohol in a County Park or at the Beach

drinking alcohol Florida parks spring break

The police patrol beaches and parks very frequently during spring break. They’ll have their four-wheelers and walkie-talkies, scanning for beer cans, bongs, and more. If you get caught, you could be on your way to the county jail or detention facilities in your swimsuit and flip-flops. 


6. Having Glass Containers in a Park or on the Beach

glass containers on Florida beaches spring break

This one focuses on safety. The beach sand is fun to run around on, but sharp, broken glass is a real problem and can be hard to see or buried below the surface. You don’t want to spend your spring break in the emergency room (or in a jail cell). 


7. Throwing an Open House Party

throwing house party spring break Florida

It’s okay to have fun with you and some of your friends, but throwing an open house party during spring break can get you thrown in jail really quick. The Florida Statutes on this don’t mess around and go into detail regarding alcohol or drug consumption by minors and specific penalties if anyone gets hurt. 


Make it a Fun, Jail-Free Spring Break

The excitement of spring break can lead to some poor decision making but understanding what you need to do to make it a fun, jail-free spring break ahead of time will help you make tons of great memories — not a week you want to forget.

Don’t want to get a DUI or traffic citation? Don’t want to have to call a criminal defense attorney and make one of your favorite weeks of the year a real bummer? Remember these 7 top things that will get you arrested while on spring break, and you’ll be just fine and be able to enjoy the Florida sunshine.