Arrested on Spring Break? 5 Reasons to Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

Spring Break is a favorite time of year for college and high school students all over the country. The state of Florida is the most popular destination for that yearly week-long fun in the sun. But sometimes it turns into a lot of trouble. Have you been arrested on Spring Break? You may benefit greatly from contacting a criminal defense attorney. 

Trouble can come in many forms on Spring Break. The laws are strict, and the police do not hesitate to arrest people who violate those laws. Even though there are thousands of people who descend on the beach, the police stay busy and are seeking out those who break the law.


Why You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

1. You’re Arrested for DUI

arrested for a dui during spring break clearwater, fl

Alcohol consumption is a common component of Spring Break. If you’re of legal age, drink responsibly, and don’t drive, you can usually stay out of trouble. But when you get behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated and get arrested for a DUI, there can be major consequences, including jail time, hefty fines, and losing your license. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side helps to make the best out of a difficult situation by advocating for your rights and potentially getting less severe penalties. 


2. You Receive Marijuana Citations

arrested for weed in clearwater florida spring break

It can be very tempting to make the wrong decisions on Spring Break. Most people know that marijuana is illegal in Florida, but sometimes that doesn’t stop them. If you receive marijuana citations when you’re arrested on Spring Break, these can have similar and often harsher consequences as getting a DUI. Without legal assistance, you could get longer jail times, higher fines, and other penalties, including extended probation. 


3. You’re Booked for Underage Drinking

arrested underage drinking spring break clearwater, fl

The police are definitely on the lookout during Spring Break for underage people that are drinking alcohol. Sometimes, underage drinking arrests also include DUIs or other types of traffic citations too. Don’t let your future get totally out of control. It is advised to consult with a criminal defense attorney if you’ve been arrested for underage drinking.


4. You Get Charged with Disorderly Intoxication

drunk and disorderly arrest spring break clearwater, fl

When alcohol (or an illegal substance) is consumed, sometimes people get aggressive. This can lead to a charge of disorderly intoxication. Even if you don’t feel you did anything wrong, you can still be held accountable for your actions. From parties and bars to disagreements on the beach, law enforcement officers are there to keep the peace. If you disturb it, you can face serious punishment. A criminal defense attorney understands how to handle this kind of trouble on Spring Break. You don’t have to go through an arrest and subsequent dealings with the legal system alone.


5. You Want a Strong Legal Advocate 

criminal defense attorney spring break arrest clearwater, fl

It can be really scary when you get arrested on Spring Break. You know that the decisions you make will have a significant impact on your life, not only in the short term but in your future too. Most young people cannot adequately advocate for themselves when dealing with the legal system. The potential hefty fines, jail time, and other consequences can be more severe without a criminal defense attorney as your strong legal advocate.


What To Do If You Are Arrested While On Spring Break 

If you do get arrested, know that you do not have to make any statements to the police. Do not admit guilt or apologize for the alleged charge. If you were arrested for DUI, taking a breath test should be considered carefully. Even if you have taken and failed a breath test, that still does not make your case insurmountable. 

Along with DUI, other traffic citations, depending on their severity, can undoubtedly make an impact on your future driving capabilities. Don’t take them lightly. Getting your driver’s license revoked can cause difficulties in transportation to work, school, and other activities. 

Whether you are arrested for disorderly intoxication, DUI, marijuana citations, underage drinking, or other reasons, it is advisable to consult with a Clearwater criminal defense attorney. They can help you make the best legal decisions and work diligently for your rights regarding fines, possible jail time, and other consequences. Having a legal advocate can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. 

If you have been arrested on Spring Break, call Dean G. Tsourakis at 727-785-2700 to schedule a free consultation. He provides an aggressive defense of his clients and guides you through tough times so that you can get on with your life.