How to Choose the Right Florida Divorce Attorney

Selecting the right Florida divorce attorney for you is critical for two reasons. You want a good one to ensure your rights and interests are spoken for, but this is also an important relationship in your life, at least for the time being. You want someone who understands you and wants to help. If you select someone you don’t “jive” well with, it will be hard to work together at a time you need a solid teammate.

But how do you know who’s the perfect divorce attorney for you?

woman speaking to lawyer in office

First, there are good and bad lawyers just as there are good or bad in any profession. This article isn’t about trying to find someone with good professional credentials. You can do that through contacting your bar association, asking people you know for referrals, and reading reviews online.

Don’t assume everyone who is practicing is equally skilled at what they do. Look for a long-standing law practice and a record of experience.

After you’ve done your due diligence and narrowed down a few divorce attorneys you’ll want to find a divorce attorney who’s right for you. Every relationship is different which is important to remember in referrals.

While there are some things your friends and family can tell you that are indicative of the experience you’ll receive (for instance, if someone tells you their attorney never had any time for them, cross that divorce attorney off the list.), but every divorce is different. A well-meaning friend could direct you to her “killer” attorney who “stuck” it to her ex-spouse, but if that’s not what you want in your divorce, that’s probably not the right attorney for you, even if she was satisfied.

Steps to Finding the Right Florida Divorce Attorney

  1. Decide what kind of divorce you want.

  2. Is it possible to have an amicable divorce? It is. If you’re looking to resolve things less contentiously, you may be interested in collaborative divorce. It’s often quicker, less expensive, and easier on children. But it’s something both parties need to want, and you’ll need a divorce attorney who specializes in collaborative divorce.

  3. Make a list of what’s important to you in an attorney.

  4. Be honest with yourself. What does your ideal divorce attorney “look” like? You’re not hurting anyone’s feelings to make selections based on this. If it’s important to you, know it ahead of time. If it’s not, skip over it. Some criteria might include:

    • Able to work within your budget. There are expensive divorce attorneys and less expensive ones.
    • Gender.
    • Race/culture. Do you want an attorney of your ethnicity because he/she will understand more subtle nuances of your marriage and family?
    • Religion. Do you want someone with a similar background and religious views?
  5. Choose based on temperament.

  6. Remember your attorney is not your therapist, but s/he should be someone you can talk to. In conversation, your attorney may be able to bring out details of your case that are helpful. Yes, you want to select someone who will listen to you but don’t expect your sessions will be filled with endless hours of why your soon-to-be ex is a jerk. That’s a bad use of your attorney’s time. You want him/her working for you not giving you therapy.

  7. Ask a professional.

  8. f you’re currently seeing a therapist or other professional who may have connections to attorneys, ask them for a referral. A therapist knows you and is likely to suggest someone you would work well with.

  9. Finally, take the time to interview a few.

  10. here’s a limit to the research you can do online. Most divorce attorneys will speak with you without charging a consultation fee. Some may charge, but the fee may be waived if you select them. You need to speak with one in person before you can make an educated decision.

If you’re looking for an experienced Florida divorce attorney, contact Dean Tsourakis for a free office consultation. We’re looking forward to meeting you.