Clearwater Florida Misdemeanor Drug Charges : What You Need to Know

Florida has some of the strictest laws against drug possession in the nation. Many of these drug charges are for possession or drug paraphernalia misdemeanors. A misdemeanor drug charge like a simple possession can incur a jail sentence of up to one year, plus a fine of $1,000. This type of charge can have lasting effects on your background record. If you or someone you know might be charged with a drug crime please contact our office immediately so we can review your situation.

Typical items considered to be drug paraphernalia by the state of Florida:

  • Scales and balances Blenders, bowls, spoons, and mixing devices Capsules, balloons, and envelopes Syringes and needles

These items alone are not against the law, but when combined with illegal drugs they can be considered paraphernalia.

Here is the Florida Statute 893.13 (3) (b):

…it is unlawful to sell or deliver in excess of 10 grams of any substance named or described in s. 893.03(1)(a) or (1)(b), or any combination thereof, or any mixture containing any such substance. Any person who violates this paragraph commits a felony of the first degree…

CS/CS/HB 187 – Retail Sales of Smoking Pipes and Smoking Devices

Florida legislature passed a bill in 2010 that would make it illegal to sell drug paraphernalia in most “head shops”. The “Bong Bill”, HB 187, was passed through the Senate, and was approved unanimously in a House floor vote in 2010. It was awaiting a signature by then Gov. Charlie Christ. According to, as of 7/01/2010, the bill has in effect. This bill could potentially increase the amount of drug charges filed in Florida. Do not hesitate to call our Law Office with any questions about this or other Drug Paraphernalia related questions.