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Collaborative Divorce

Because Divorce doesn’t have to be expensive.

Sometimes working together is better than working against each other.

Just because you’re getting divorced doesn’t automatically mean you have to fight your spouse every inch of the way. It may be possible to work out all the details of your Divorce amicably, working with a Collaborative Divorce Attorney who can help you arrive at an arrangement that is beneficial to everyone – without having to go to court.

Why opt for a Collaborative Divorce?

  • The Collaborative process costs less – about one-third the cost of a traditional Divorce;
  • It takes less time to complete, since there is no need to worry about the Court’s schedule;
  • It’s far less stressful, for both the separating couple and their children; and
  • It removes the uncertainty of a court decision.

A Collaborative Divorce is based on the ideas of open communication and mutual respect between parties. If those are impossible, then it may be that a Collaborative Divorce just isn’t the best choice.

If you’d like to explore the idea of taking a more collaborative, less stressful approach to your Divorce, call me today. I’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of your situation, at no cost to you.

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