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Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney

Stay out of jail and put your life back together after an arrest.

When you’re arrested and charged with a crime, there’s just one thing you should focus on: getting the best Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney possible. A good Criminal attorney should be able to quickly arrange for your release and will begin preparing your defense immediately.

Any attorney worth paying for should know his or her way around the Criminal Justice System. Experience counts, especially in the Criminal Justice System. It takes a long time to learn how the wheels of justice really turn. In fact, some lawyers never do figure it out.

I have over three decades’ worth of experience as a Criminal Justice Attorney, and what’s more, that experience comes from both sides of the table. I’ve spent years as a State Prosecutor and as a practicing, successful Criminal Defense Attorney. I’ve handled everything from theft-related crimes to drug charges to violent crimes. I know how law enforcement thinks, how it works. I know which strategies work and which ones don’t. And I know how to use this experience to my clients’ benefit.

Yes, things often look bleak when you’re arrested and taken into custody. You might be tempted to make a statement to the police, to get something off your chest because you think it might make you feel better. Don’t. Instead, call me, Dean G. Tsourakis. Let me put my years of experience to work for you.

Because when you get right down to it, freedom feels a whole lot better than confession.