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Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyer

Stay out of jail and put your life back together after an arrest.

Arrested and charged with a crime? There’s just one thing you should focus on: getting the best Clearwater criminal defense attorney to represent your case.

Dean G. Tsourakis is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater, FL, with over 38 years of experience in Criminal Law. As both a State Prosecutor and a Criminal Defense Lawyer, he’s tried hundreds of cases and is capable of representing various types of criminal matters, such as:

Our Criminal Law Practice Areas

He understands the many legal processes and procedures in the Criminal Justice System and will fight for your rights to secure the best outcome in your criminal case.

Experience Matters

Experience counts, especially regarding criminal matters. A conviction for a criminal offense stays on your record – for life. An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater, FL understands how to navigate the Criminal Justice System in Florida to provide you the best outcome for your future.

Dean G. Tsourakis spent 26 years as a State Prosecutor and many more as a practicing Criminal Defense Attorney. He understands a criminal conviction not only affects what happens to you in the short term such as driving privileges, the length of potential incarceration, and the terms of probation, and how it can also make a difference in what happens to you later in life with jobs and much more.

No matter the charges, he works hard for justice, fairness, and will provide clear steps and the simplest possible solution to the problem you face.

Without the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer, Your Rights Could be Violated.

Do you understand your charges? Depending on the situation, sometimes a felony can be reduced down to a misdemeanor. If the Criminal Defense Lawyer can persuade the prosecutor that the felony charge over-represents what happened, that can make a huge difference on your record and potential time served and/or probation parameters.

Yes, things often look bleak when you’re arrested and taken into custody. You might be tempted to make a statement to the police, to get something off your chest because you think it might make you feel better. But don’t. What you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. The temporary relief that you may feel if you say something can often cause more difficulty, stress, and hardship later.

Instead, get fair representation and avoid harsh penalties for a criminal conviction. Contact Dean G. Tsourakis today. He is dedicated to helping people and committed to your case each step of the way. Whether you are facing a DUI, drug charge, assault charge, or otherwise, he has been a dedicated advocate for justice for years, making sure that all of his clients have their constitutional rights protected.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater, FL

With many years working with the complex processes and procedures in the criminal justice system, Dean G. Tsourakis understands what it takes to get the best possible results. He can help you put your life back together when it feels like your whole world is coming apart.

It is important to get representation quickly. Take action today to make sure you have the right Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney. Our office offers a free office consultation to talk about the details of your case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.