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It’s surprisingly easy to commit a DUI without even knowing it due to recent changes in the law.

Here in Florida, all it takes is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. Depending on your size and metabolism, how quickly you’re drinking, and the strength of your drinks, it’s possible to hit that after one drink.

Maybe you don’t feel impaired after a couple of quick drinks. Unfortunately, how you feel is irrelevant. All that matters is the result of your breath test – and if that number is over 0.08%, you will almost certainly find yourself slapped with a DUI. Taking a breath test is a big decision and should be considered carefully.

If that happens, it’s possible that the charge could be just a Misdemeanor, provided this is your first offense and nobody was hurt. Otherwise – if you’re a repeat offender, or if someone was injured or killed – it will almost certainly be upgraded to a Felony.

If you’re convicted, expect your sentence to include at least one of the following:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Suspension of your Driver’s License
  • Impounded vehicle
  • Community Service
  • DUI School
  • Ignition Interlock

If you’re arrested for a DUI, call a lawyer immediately – preferably one who has experience with DUI cases on both sides of the table, as a Prosecutor and as a Criminal Defense Attorney.

In the meantime, don’t make any statements to the police. Don’t apologize for or admit to anything. Yes, it may seem hopeless, especially if you’ve failed, but a failed breath test isn’t insurmountable. (Taking a breath test is a big decision and should be considered carefully.) We may very well be able to overcome it – after all, I’ve done it for other clients. I may also be able to help you avoid the state-mandated automatic Driver’s License suspension, so you can continue to get to and from work while your case works its way through the system.

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