What to expect from a divorce attorney?

A divorce can be a stressful and sometimes lengthy process that can take an incredibly high toll, both financially and emotionally. Having an attorney that is familiar and experienced with situations like yours can help you resolve your situation as quickly, painlessly and fairly as possible.

Selecting Your Divorce Lawyer

Choose a lawyer who is certified by the Family Law Section of the Florida State Bar. An attorney who has experience handling cases similar to yours is essential. These attorneys  have experience evaluating and resolving conflicts within the family, and will be able to tell you, based on past cases, what sort of outcome you should ask for and can reasonably expect.

Courtroom experience in your local area is also a necessity. A familiarity with area family court judges means that your case can be presented in a way that works best in that particular courtroom. Those with many years experience can navigate this part of your divorce confidently and protect your interests if negotiations outside the courtroom prove unfruitful.

Ideally, your attorney should have a strong track record that shows favorable outcomes both in the courtroom and settled through mediation. A good divorce attorney who is aggressive yet flexible will increase your chances of an outcome that you will find satisfactory.

Make sure that you and your divorce attorney are on the same page regarding what to expect when it comes to child support, division of assets and custody. The attorney-client relationship goes much more smoothly when communication is clear and you are comfortable with the terms that your attorney feels are possible.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Your divorce attorney should be willing and able to explain what you can reasonably expect during the process, and what you are legally entitled to in the dissolution of a marriage. Divorce is never easy, but, choosing the right attorney can make the process far less stressful for everyone involved.