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Does your lawyer understand how Family Law works in Florida?

Family Law is even more complex than the family relationships it governs. Make sure your attorney knows the rules.

Fifty years ago, what made a family was pretty straightforward: mother, father, and a couple of kids.

Today, the word “family” has a much broader definition, in both the public mind and the eyes of the law. Single parents, same-sex parents, adopted children, blended families – these situations are all so commonplace that nobody even bats an eye at them anymore.

But the law doesn’t always adapt well to flexibility. In fact, the law’s usual response to flexibility is to become more complex – and that’s exactly what’s happened to the field of Family Law over the years.

What that means is that it’s incredibly difficult to adequately address legal issues like Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody, or Prenuptial Agreements without a skilled and experienced Family Law Attorney. The lawyer you hire has got to understand the intricate landscape of modern Family Law in Florida. And that kind of understanding – the kind that wins cases – only comes with hard experience.

I’ve been helping clients navigate the emotional and legal challenges of Divorce, Child Custody and a host of other Family Law matters for 9 years. I know the system inside and out, and I know how to get you the resolution you’re looking for.

Take a look around the site to find out a bit more about the kind of work I do. Then give me a call to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is family law?

Family law includes any legal issues that involve family relationships. Family law often uses mediation or negotiation in the legal process.

Is adoption covered under family law?

Yes. Adoption is one of the legal topics covered under family law. An experienced family lawyer can assist with disputes during the adoption process. However, we do handle adoptions.