Do You Need A Divorce Attorney?

In addition to all of the emotional turmoil you’ve gone through with the disintegration of your marriage, navigating the divorce process just seems like yet another headache. Terms like annulment, dissolution, collaborative divorce, mediation and others all seem to blend together if you don’t have a background in Family Law. You probably just want someone to explain it to you and tell you which one to choose. While we can’t do that for you, we can provide the information you need to make a decision that’s best for you.

Do You Have Children Together?

The courts will agree to pretty much whatever the two of you want unless you have children together, then it’s always going to side in the best interest of the child(ren). The divorce process becomes a lot more drawn out, and the paperwork more in-depth, when there are children involved. Stories of people getting divorced over the Internet generally do not involve minor dependents.

Can You Communicate without a Third Party?

Do you and your ex communicate well? Can you come to an agreement over custody, care, and finances without the need of someone else to translate and mitigate angry or hurt feelings? Many times attorneys are needed because the couple simply can’t speak to one another directly.

Are You Able to Think in Your Own Self-Interest?

Emotions sometimes get the best of us and we end up giving in to something because we don’t feel that strongly about it, feel pressure from the other party, or just want it all to be over. If you are unable to stand up for your own interests, it’s probably better to have an attorney help you. Once the divorce is finalized, it’s difficult to come back and ask for something new unless one of your circumstances has changed.

Are You Willing to Learn What Needs to be Learned?

The Court is very specific in the way paperwork must be completed and submitted. If you’re not an attorney, there’s an education curve that will need to occur. Are you willing to take the time to understand what is required of you? Do you have that kind of time and interest? Do you want to leave your future up to your ability to understand divorce law?

Is Abuse Involved?

If during your marriage there was any sort of abuse – physical, mental, or emotional – of you or your children, the counsel of a divorce attorney is essential. The relationship’s dynamic is an unequal one in the case of abuse. You probably learned quickly to give him or her what was asked. This places you at a disadvantage. You need someone who can look out for you and be forceful about what you need.

Hiring a divorce attorney isn’t costly when you factor in the time and resources it will take to represent yourself. You need someone who can help you through the process and look out for your interests. Call Dean Tsourakis today to discuss the best solution for you and your family.