How Collaborative Divorce Can Help Older Couples Too

There’s no way around it – the longer you’re married, the more things you accumulate with your partner. Sometimes, in a divorce, that’s all the more to fight over. A collaborative divorce is a means to a respectful resolution and one that gives special attention to the decades of effort put forth in a relationship.

Are you in your golden years and separated or considering a split?

Collaborative Divorce Leverages Your Bond

You likely know your spouse better than anyone. This bond can be used to reach a reverent agreement. Since collaborative divorce is a team effort you’ll continue to have open, mediated communication with your partner as you work together with your individual lawyers to reach a settlement.

The decades you’ve devoted to getting to know your spouse won’t go to waste like they would in a courtroom. In litigation, lawyers compete to win, which means you could be blindsided by unexpected divorce terms – even if you think you know your spouse.

Collaborative Divorce Saves Precious Money

Planning for divorce later in life often means dipping into dollars typically reserved for retirement and life insurance. Collaborative divorce, unlike litigation, helps save the essential funds you’ve set aside. When it comes to litigation, you can bet that you’ll pay for court fees on top of the costs of separately retained teams.

Conversely, with collaborative divorce, you pay only for your attorney. Plus, you’re subject only to the terms of your shared agreement and not at the mercy of the court, which means you’re less likely to get hit with an unforeseen payout. A two-way divorce lets you continue to plan for your future, even though separation wasn’t likely a part of your original predictions.

Collaborative Divorce Offers Thoughtful Closure

A collaborative divorce is a voluntary venture. Because it isn’t forced, it reduces many of the stressors associated with litigation. Furthermore, it takes the spotlight off your divorce, allowing you and your spouse to carefully consider the significance of your marriage. A collaborative divorce builds on the years you’ve invested, rather than destroying them with the help of a lawyer.

If you’re a mature couple with a family, collaborative divorce can spare you and them from a bitter battle. You and your spouse set the timetable and the negotiations are kept private—unlike litigation—so you can give your marriage the caring closure it deserves.

For these reasons, older couples often benefit from collaborative divorce. A divorce attorney can work with you to determine whether this joint option is right for you and your spouse.

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