DUI Flashlight

In the latest attempt to curve Drunk Drivers, high-tech flashlights that are able to scan your eyes and then give back a reading of your blood alcohol level have been introduced. These special flashlights, also known as “passive alcohol sensors” look like normal flashlights. But when this bad boy is placed within 5-10 inches of someone’s eyes and mouth it can give out a reading and let the officer know whether or not you have been drinking lightly, moderately, or heavily. The readings however from the flashlight are not incredibly precise and are not to be used for an exact arrest, only to give the officer an idea of the driver’s condition.

Are DUI Flashlights Used in the U.S.?

Although the DUI flashlight is not used across the United States, there is a 5 year trial period being tested with the Penn State Officers. The unit has about 7 of them at the moment and they are beginning to test out the Flashlight with various checkpoints around campuses and other places. If the Flashlight does good, you can expect to see these used nation wide.