Pinellas County Criminal Record Search: How to Obtain Your Florida Arrest Records

Understanding how to obtain an arrest record is crucial for anyone who has ever been arrested in Pinellas County. It is important to know if there are any mistakes and if you can get your arrest records or court cases sealed or expunged.

How Do I Find My Pinellas County Criminal Record Online?

When you want to do a Pinellas County criminal record search, you can search public records, including criminal and traffic cases, online at the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller website. You must, at a minimum, use your first and last name for the search.

The website does allow you to search by case number, case status, date filed, and case type. Searchable case types include Circuit criminal cases, County criminal cases, traffic and parking cases, and non-criminal and ordinance cases. Knowing how to check your criminal record is important whether you have open criminal cases or closed criminal cases.

Open Criminal Cases

Understanding how to obtain an arrest record is especially critical for open criminal cases. It will allow you to see what exact charge or charges you are facing and the status of the case(s). Whether arrested for a felony or a misdemeanor, it is advisable to consult with a criminal defense attorney. You can search for open criminal cases online by selecting “open” in the case status field on the form.

Closed Criminal Cases

Closed criminal cases can also be searched on the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller website for your reference, which will include

  • the type and status during each step of the case,
  • corresponding dates and other pertinent information, and
  • any fees or fines assessed in the case

Police Report Requests

Police report requests can be submitted to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office. Your criminal defense attorney can also request police reports that include details of your arrest. If you have a current open case, police reports are crucial information to have for the defense of your case.

Is There a Fee for Requesting My Florida Criminal Records?

Do you need to know how to check your criminal record?

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) offers requests under Florida Statute 943.056, which “affords individuals the right to request a copy of their Florida criminal history record for purposes of personal review, to ensure that it is accurate and complete.”

The FDLE has an online name-based search of publicly available criminal history information for a statutorily mandated fee of $24, which can be done at the FDLE Criminal History Information on the Internet (CCHInet) site.

You can also start a request for a Personal Review that must include a copy of the requestor’s fingerprints taken by law enforcement or a criminal justice agency, which would include juvenile records that are generally confidential and not available for public release.

Why Is It Important to Obtain Your Criminal Records?

If you have a criminal record, it can be difficult to obtain work, qualify for a professional license, or even rent an apartment. Even if you haven’t been convicted, having one or more arrests on your criminal record can make life and work difficult. Potential employers or romantic partners may assume you are guilty. Since most arrest records are available to the public in Florida, you may be treated differently by co-workers, friends, and family.

It can negatively affect your financial stability and your personal life, not only in the short term but also in the long term. Contact a lawyer today.