What Not To Do When Being Stopped For DUI

So you get pulled over for a DUI because you’ve had a few drinks and you’re wondering to do next. Well after reading this article out of Oklahoma City here’s a few tips on what not to do. An attorney was at a Whataburger back in 2008 when he struck another vehicle in the drive thru lane at 1:40 am. Shortly after the police arrived the attorney then flipped out and spit in the officers face and pulled out a fake badge claiming to be a fellow deputy. That is a big no no and not only are you going to be charged with drunk driving, you’re now facing felony counts of placing bodily fluids on a police officer, impersonating a police officer, and now DUI with causing damage to a vehicle.

Situations like this are easily avoidable. Don’t drink and drive. And if you do happen to get pulled over after having a few drinks. Don’t spit in the officer’s face and pull out a fake cop badge. Unless you want to spend a very long time in prison.

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