Tampa DUI Vehicle Impound Questions

Frequently we are asked about the vehicle that is in question during a DUI or DWI. Will they take the car? Where is the car? Will I lose my car?

Impound After First Conviction

Here is the Florida Statute 316.193 (6) (a):

  • For the first conviction… The court must also, as a condition of probation, order the impoundment or immobilization of the vehicle that was operated by or in the actual control of the defendant or any one vehicle registered in the defendant’s name at the time of impoundment or immobilization, for a period of 10 days or for the unexpired term of any lease or rental agreement that expires within 10 days. The impoundment or immobilization must not occur concurrently with the incarceration of the defendant. The impoundment or immobilization order may be dismissed… 

The keyword you see there is “immobilization” this means you can privately disable your vehicles driving ability without having to go through a public Tampa Police Impound. Many companies in Tampa offer this service and although it will cost you, it is a better alternative to the Tampa Police Impound Lot.

As always special circumstances can be taken into account during sentences. If the car is not yours, if the car is the only means of transportation for the family, etc. These types of circumstances can be brought to a judge for consideration.

If you think your car was impounded first call Tampa Police Dept Vehicle Impound Lot at (813) 242-5328 then call us and speak with an attorney.